You can make a difference by serving your community.

Riverside City College's Administration of Justice Program gives students a strong academic foundation through classes in criminal law, investigation, forensic science, evidence, corrections, and community relations. RCC's faculty are all experienced practitioners as well as scholars in various specialities within the criminal justice field, allowing for students to learn both academic and real world perspectives, in order to best prepare them for their chosen career fields. 

You can help others through public service.

The career opportunities within criminal justice are vast - from law enforcement (local, state, and federal) to investigations in public and private sectors, from law (paralegal to attorney) to corrections (state or federal). The intersection of criminal justice and other fields also allows for pursuits in social work, biology, chemistry, anthropology, psychology, sociology, communications, accounting, and computer science, among many others. In the next few years, our community and our country will need dedicated, ethical, educated professionals to serve in a field that is forecasted to grow from 5%-25%.

You can help yourself and your family.

In 2015, the average California law enforcement salary was $110,000 and the average California correctional officer salary was $70,000. Earning a college degree often results in an increase in base pay salary in many agencies for criminal justice professionals, as well as increasing potential opporutnities for advancement and promotion. 

“I knew I wanted to help people, and I wanted to do it in a field that seemed really interesting and challenging.”
— Advanced Criminal Investigations Student

career opportunities in administration of justice

  • Police Officer

  • Sheriff's Deputy

  • Correctional Officer

  • Probation Officer

  • Parole Officer

  • Investigative Assistant

  • Detective

  • Investigator

  • Deputy Coroner/Medicolegal Investigator

  • Social Worker

  • Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Assistant District Attorney

  • Private & Executive Security

  • Federal Law Enforcement

  • Private Investigations

  • Environmental Law Enforcement

  • Digital Investigations

  • Social Justice & Activism